Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Umbrella's Aren't Just For Rain!

An umbrella insurance policy is extra liability insurance coverage that goes beyond the limits of the insureds' home, auto or watercraft insurance, adding an extra layer of coverage for those with a higher level of risk exposure.

There's a very good chance that most people will fit into one of the following categories, of having children, partaking in hobbies, travelling, using social media, or perhaps owning rental property or being a volunteer with some organisation or charity group. 

Think about social media for a second. Who doesn't participate in this activity? But also consider the potential for risk when you think of the hundreds or thousands of people that may see a post where you might commit libel, slander or breach of privacy. A defamatory review of a business or service or a photo "published" of someone that doesn't want their photo shown are certainly quite possible, even if innocently done.

And what about those kids? They're on social media as well, or out and about doing kid things, especially if they're teens. If your dependent is responsible for some sort of damaging action, you, the parent, could be held responsible. 

Image courtesy of Wawanesa

Canadians are becoming more and more litigious and sometimes basic coverage just isn't enough, which is why getting an umbrella policy should be an easy decision. It's often more affordable than increasing limits on each policy base and it extends worldwide.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Load That Thing!

We're fortunate in this country to be able to use our motorcycles for pleasure riding, but in so many places in the world people use their bikes for work, including delivery of materials and wares, not to mention people of course. 

Check out some of these insane loads that have been strapped to motorcycles, and marvel at how the rider is able to handle the bike, or sometimes even see where they're going!! haha.

I hope there aren't any other passengers under that load!

How on earth is the rider seeing the road?

Some good balancing skills at work here.

I hope this guy doesn't have a "quack up"! yuk yuk yuk

These bottles have to be empty, or the weight would probably collapse the tires.

Hmmm, would he accept passengers riding in the front?

And I always thought Paul was the "Egg Man"

A different type of baaaad driver!

How heavy is this load of lumber?

9 on a bike may be somewhat dangerous but also impressive!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Fine Point - Ballpen!

Too few motorcyclists know how invisible they are when on the road with their bikes, and too few vehicle drivers take the extra second or two to look for that bike that can be hidden from your view by the smallest of objects.

The video shows just how the smallest of objects can obscure your view, and how drivers need to take that extra time and double check before pulling out onto the road or turning across the opposing lane(s) of a road. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

More Insurance Fraud Statistics

I've written several posts about insurance fraud and how it's costing the average consumer a lot of money with increasing premiums, so here's a few sobering statistics to show just how it's become such a rampant problem.

  • 3-4% of all claims are fraudulent; or put another way, about 1 in 30 claims is identified as fraudulent

  • 5% of identified fraud cases involved insurance agent complicity

  • Where underwriting controls appear strongest - North America - the incidence of claims fraud is reduced

  • Of the fraud identified, less than 2% resulted in a fraud prosecution

  • Fraud investigation can extend the end to end time for consumers by up to 8 times the normal processing time

photo courtesy of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Did you know that there is an online "Insurance Fraud Hall Of Shame", where some of the most despicable people are called out for their crimes. Unfortunately, not only are the insurers getting bilked out of big dollars and the honest consumer paying the costs in increased premiums, but in many of the cases listed, people died or were severely traumatized, which is even worse.

For more info on fraud and how it affects insurance rates, check out the following posts....

Saturday, 27 July 2019


This Saturday post seems a good time to share some weirdness, so check out these oddities gleaned from the internet in a 5 minute search....

Hmmm, maybe this sums up my day! haha

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Mountain Magic

Here's a few photos from a recent back country hike and camp in our big beautiful backyard!

It's amazing to be able to jump in the truck and drive for a couple of hours, then hike for a few more and be in the magical places that you can see in these photos.