Saturday, 16 June 2018

Dream Vacation Place 1

As I was sitting at my desk on this dark and dreary day, listening to the rain hit the office window,, my thoughts went to a vacation on some little island somewhere down where it's hot and sunny.  

Then I remembered this link to a cool website called Conde Naste Traveler, which featured this private island retreat that one can rent.

Coral Caye is part of the Coppola Family Hideaways Turtle Inn and can accommodate 12 guests.

I'm in, but will likely need 11 other people to help pay for what can only be a hefty price tag!!
photo courtesy of Coral Caye

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Repost: 2017 Calgary Ride For Dad

This is the 11th year that BlueCircle Insurance has been a platinum sponsor of the "Calgary Motorcycle Ride for Dad" and we're looking forward to another great event with this eager and well organized crew on Saturday June 16th. 

Here is a post I did last year, following the ride.

BlueCircle was proud to be a part of the 2017 Calgary Motorcycle Ride For Dad, which by all accounts was a great success. No exact numbers at this time but kudos to the hard working Executive and volunteers who spent many, many hours of their time and a whole lot of energy to put this event together and run so smoothly. 

Here's a sampling of photos of the day and watch for a future post where I share the results of the fundraiser for prostate cancer research through the Prostate Cancer Centre.

BlueCircle gave this small cheque to Co-Chair Ron Parkinson

Lots of volunteers help this great cause
Many riders join the event to honour someone they knew that was affected by prostate cancer
Troy, from Ride Stop n Go, was riding on his new Indian

This ride is a family event
The police were there to help out, with this member riding his dual sport bike
Tina was the VIP guest of BlueCircle
Based on last years' ride, the Ride For Dad donated almost $43000 to prostate cancer research with Dr. Tarek Bismar
More police presence to help escort eh riders on to the highway
Alberta Sheriffs also play an integral role in making this event work
The 2017 Calgary Ride For Dad Executive 
Troy and Paul with some of the 300+ bikes that showed up to ride
Dr. Bismar's family came to support the ride too
We're getting ready to fire up the bikes
Michelle rides ad volunteers on the RFD Executive
The "big cheque" presentation of $10,000 from BlueCircle

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Fair Testing

I saw this cartoon while researching information for my post about "Bias" and thought it was funny, and somewhat interesting in the fact that it did, indeed, show how bias can play a part in many decisions.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

2018 Two Wheel Sunday A Huge Success!

Well, we just wrapped up our 5th Annual Two Wheel Sunday motorcycle Festival and what a day it was, with huge crowds all day long. 

In fact, people were showing up well before the event actually started at 10:00, and bikes were still rolling in after 3:00, when things were shut down.

The weather was perfect, with warm temperatures and a bit of a breeze to keep us cool. The new venue was awesome, with booths and displays up on the grassy boulevard. People liked being able to walk up and down on the grass, and many found a spot to sit and relax on the grassy knolls in the immediate vicinity. 

It was also great to have the entire street for motorcycle parking and many riders enjoyed doing a cruise through on their bikes, then coming back around to park. of course, lots of people walked the exhibitor circuit one way, then wandered up the road to check out all the great looking bikes that were parked there.

I only have a few photos taken during the early morning set up and right at the start of the festival, but there are plenty of others on the  Two Wheel Sunday Facebook page and 

It was a lot of work by many people, groups and businesses, putting it all together, but I'm sure they'll all same the same as me..."We had a blast!" BlueCircle has been involved from day one, along with other awesome businesses like Cycle Works Calgary and G.M. Vince Aiello, who have also been involved from the beginning. There's many individuals who deserve thanks too, like Bobby Baum, Don Morberg, Tracey Flynn, Don Stuart, Jane Liu, Don Fergin, James Hamling, Chris McVean,  Gail Lane, Angela Murray, Alan Reid and The Magic Of Christmas crew....oh the list goes on and I apologize for the many who weren't included but deserve a mention. thank you to everyone who pitched in to help out, even if some were there for just a few hours. Many hands make small work!

Now, we'll have a few months to relax, enjoy the riding season and then start to plan for next year. We had a great suggestion to do a survey this year and see what people thought of the event, and where they think we can improve, so we hope 2019 TWS is even better. See you all next year!

Ang and I are ready to meet and greet!

People are arriving well before the event started

The street is getting busy with bikes

Good thing we have a km of road and boulevard to play on!

Vince, from Cycle Works Calgary, was doing duties in the Polaris ATV

Now we're stretching out down the block

Our mobile BlueCircle booth! haha

A group riding through

The Magic Of Christmas is raffling off this nice Indian

One or two bikes showed up

The Man Van was there too

More bikes!

Saturday, 2 June 2018

2018 Two Wheel Sunday Takes Place Tomorrow!!

Sunday June 3rd is the 5th Annual Two Wheel Sunday motorcycle street festival, an event designed to bring all motorcycle groups, shops, riders , and enthusiasts to one place at one time.

We're set up and ready for visitors

This year is looking to be bigger and better than ever, with over 75 exhibitors and vendors, plus Harley Davidson's "Test Your Metal" demo ride and the same option to test ride motorcycles within Pro-Am Motorsports fleet.

We've got a new venue too, with more room for booths, located up on a nice grassy boulevard, with plenty of street parking for all the bikes that show up!! 

Of course, there will be the usual Show n Shine, sponsored by the Victory Riders Group in Calgary, and The Magic Of Christmas, who organize the very popular Toy Run, are doing the cooking honours this year and serving up BBQ hot dogs and drinks, all food donated by our good friends over at Cycle Works Calgary

All funds raised by this family orientated and fun event go the the Poppy Fund and Veterans' Food Bank, so we're hoping to raise another $6000 or $7000 to help out with this worthy cause.

BlueCircle Insurance is a founding member and annual sponsor of this event and we're proud to have been involved from day one! If you want to check out some of the previous year's events, check out my posts "Two Wheel Sunday 2017" or "Tore It Up". 

Better yet, come on down to the 2018 Two Wheel Sunday event and get involved in the action. Maybe you'll even be a part of my next post!

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Toni Bou Mad Skills

There are some people who are just really really good at what they do, and Toni Bou is one of them!

Check out Toni, as he displays some crazy mad skills on his trials bike in various situations. Some of these landscapes would be difficult to walk over, let along bounce a motorcycle through, up, around, or over!!

Friday, 25 May 2018

O.B.B. Poker Run

One Broken Biker is a group of riders "dedicated to raising funds and awareness for injured motorcyclists and their families, to provide financial support and compassionate services to help heal minds and bodies"

Normally, I post on Saturdays and Wednesdays but this post is better served up a day early so that anyone reading it might consider joining in on the One Broken Biker Poker Run taking place Saturday, May 26th.

This fun-filled day of riding, charity and, awareness is one you won't want to miss. The ride will start at Calgary Harley Davidson, with a pancake breakfast. Leaving the lot in a staggered non-parade format for the remainder of the day. That means you're able to ride with your friends and others with the same experience. If you're coming solo, no worries, you can ride with the OBB team at the end of the line, which sounds pretty awesome to us! Finally, the ride will end at Big Sky BBQ for amazing food, and prizes.

BlueCircle Insurance added a few prizes to the mix as well, so make sure to stay and enjoy the full day with some awesome riders!

Come join the fun and ride with like-minded souls who want to help this worthy cause and say hello to founder Ashlee Atkin while you're there!