Wednesday, 19 September 2018

E-Mail Spoofing

So, the following is purportedly a real case scenario that actually was successful in scamming a substantial amount of money from a business. 

The names and dates were changed but it is a good example of just how an e-mail spoof works. I know because some fraudster tried it on me just recently. They sent an e-mail and claimed to be our company president needing help to transfer money on their behalf. "Just use the company credit card or pay it yourself and I'll pay me back later" they stated.

From: John Doe
Sent: Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 10:21 AM
To: Jane Smith
Subject: Urgent Attention

Are you available to handle an international payment this morning?
Have one pending, let me know when to send bank details.

John Doe
Sent from my iPhone

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 11:33 AM,
Susan Brown wrote:

Hi John,
Sorry was caught up with a project - I'm here now - can I still help?

Jane Smith

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 12:29 PM,
 John Doe wrote:

Can you still handle this right now? was very busy earlier.

John Doe
Sent from my iPhone

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 2:01 PM,
 Jane Smith wrote:

Hi John,
Just back - can do it for you now if that will help.

Jane Smith

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 3:48 PM,
John Doe wrote:

Yes it seem to be a very busy day. The amount is for $30,120 i am guessing it is very late already for the transfer or can you still get it done today?

John Doe
Sent from my iPhone

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 4:10 AM,
Jane Smith wrote:

Hi John,
Is it set up ready to go in PC banking? I can't see it there to authorise under international?

Jane Smith

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 4:56 PM,
 John Doe wrote:

Oh ok, please find a way around it, my day is really tied. Can i send you the bank details today still? Can the payment still go out?

John Doe

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 5:05 PM,
 Jane Smith wrote:

Hi John,
I can do my best but will do it from home tonight as have to leave theoffice now. Think they still go to 8 pm or so.
Send me all the details and I'll try but usually Mary sets them up and we just authorise them. Will see what I can do - it's no trouble as I know I can ask Mary from her home if necessary.
Leave it with us.

Jane Smith

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 5:12 PM,
 John Doe wrote:

Ok then. Thanks
NAME: Acme
SORT CODE: 12341234
ACCOUNT: 123412341234IBAN: ABCD123412341234123412341234
ADDRESS: 3 Somewhere Place
Send me payment slip once it is completed.

John Doe
Sent from my iPhone

On Tuesday, 15 Aug 2018 at 5:14 PM,
 John Doe wrote:

Please use this IBAN number for the account.
IBAN: ABCD12341234123412341234123412341
Ensure to send me the slip once its done. Thanks
N.B: confirm receipt of the new IBAN number.

John Doe

The first red flag would be the fact that someone is asking you to send them money. Even if this was a legitimate request, this should not be your company's protocol when dealing with money matters.
Red flag number two would be the urgency of the request. Obviously, the perpetrators want you to hurry and not have a chance to actually consider what is going on and start to ask questions. This is a typical pattern when fraudsters pull these sorts of scams.

Never rush when dealing with financial matters, and always err on the side of caution. Develop strong company protocols for dealing with money and train employees properly, to avoid mistakes like the one in the scenario above.

Saturday, 15 September 2018


If encryption is outlawed, then bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl!

Not too difficult to figure out this encryption of course, being such simple and well know letter substitution, but that's hardly the point. Food for thought, none the less.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

U.S Dollars Funding Canadian Environmental Groups

So, I just read an interesting article on HuffPost and thought it was well worth sharing, since I've always had a suspicion that some of our so called friends south of the border have been up to no good and are committing economic espionage and sabatoge within our oil industry.

Have a read of a HuffPost article by Vivian Krause's describing some of the shenanigans going on in the U.S. and Canada, all designed to keep our oil industry stagnating and allow U.S. interests to grow. Krause followed the money and found some damning proof about this dirty business. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Common Accidents And Safety

There's no doubt that work sites can be dangerous and having the right kind of liability insurance is a must, but nothing can replace the proper safety protocols and procedures that use a pro-active approach to preventing accidents from occurring in the first place. 

Of course, knowledge is always a good thing. It helps you understand and be aware of the common reasons for accidents and can go a long way in allowing site managers and safety personnel to target these areas and develop strategies to avoid putting employees at risk

Our business partners and premier insurance providers at Aviva Insurance shared the following graphics and provided the content written below, with the intent of educating the public about these far too common incidents which affect so many aspects of our personal and work lives each day.

Slips, Trips And Falls

Causes: Slips and trips cause two-thirds of the 42,000 falls suffered by workers each year. Spills, weather hazards and loose mats are frequent causes of slips, while trips are often the result of obstructed vision, poor lighting, clutter or uneven walking surfaces.
How to prevent: Most hazards are easily avoidable with consistent attention to detail and proper maintenance of your work site. Use signage to indicate wet areas and promptly clean up spills. Ensure work areas are clear of tripping hazards and have adequate lighting. Make it imperative that your employees wear properly fitted footwear with appropriate anti-slip soles for their work conditions.
Falls From Heights
Causes: 18% of all workplace fatalities are the result of falls from heights. Inadequate safety protection, misused or poorly maintained equipment, and poorly lit or messy work areas are the causes of most falls from heights.
How to prevent: Protect your workers and reduce your company’s liability by properly maintaining equipment such as scaffolding, platforms and ladders, and training your workers to use them correctly. Install physical barriers, such as guardrails, on elevated areas, and protect openings such as skylights. Keep work areas clear and ensure adequate lighting.
Struck By Moving Vehicles
Causes: Struck-by and caught-in accidents caused 13% of all workplace fatalities in the last 10 years. Many of these accidents are the result of workers being struck by vehicles or equipment. Poor training, obstructed vision on the part of operators, and lack of high-visibility clothing for workers can also put your workers at increased risk.
How to prevent: To ensure safety, your employees should avoid operating vehicles in reverse, or use reverse alarms and ensure that they are aware of and compensating for blind spots. Use signalers and warning/detection systems, and post signs in high traffic areas to warn workers.

Hit By Flying Or Falling Objects
Causes: Over 50,000 workers were injured and 81 died from contact with flying or falling objects or equipment in 2016. Workers are most at risk while working under cranes, scaffolds and other overhead equipment.
How to prevent: Creating exclusion zones is a critical safety measure, particularly when large objects are being moved. Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including eyewear and hardhats, can save lives. The use of toe boards, debris nets and properly securing items when working at heights can also help prevent accidents.
Causes: Electrical injuries occur less often on work sites but they are the most fatal. In fact, 1 in 5 critical injuries and 1 in 18 non-critical injuries involving electricity result in death. The danger comes from both electrical shock and arc flash. Most electrical accidents are the result of improper maintenance or grounding of the equipment, unsafe operations around power lines and conductors, overloaded circuits, or exposed electrical parts or improper wiring. 70% of accidental contact with power lines in the past 10 years has occurred at construction sites.
How to prevent: Avoid storing equipment and machinery under power lines, as high voltage electricity can travel through the equipment causing electrical shocks. Warning signs should be posted and visible at night and in all weather conditions. Having a signal person in place when moving equipment around power lines and conductors can prevent accidents, as well as ensuring that workers maintain a minimum clearance from overhead electrical wires and power lines when working on ladders and scaffolds. PPE for those working with or around electricity should include Class E hardhats and safety boots designed to prevent electrical shock.

Protect your workers and your business with the right protocols and safety procedures, and the proper insurance coverage.

Preventing accidents should be your first line of defence against workplace accidents. But in the event of accidents, your second line of defence is being protected with adequate insurance coverage. A province's governing Health and Safety Insurance Board, like the WSIB in Ontario, will cover most workplace injuries, but the type of workers eligible for this coverage can vary, particularly outside of Canada.
Ensure your subcontractors have sufficient commercial general liability (CGL) insurance coverage and are paying into their provincial Health and Safety Insurance Board. Wrap-up liability insurance can also minimize risk as it provides shared and uniform liability coverage for both the contractor and subcontractors.

Saturday, 1 September 2018


There are "trikes" and other three wheel "motorcycles", such as the Can-Am "Spyder" and the Polaris "Slingshot", but check out this unusual Brough BS4, a shaft driven bike that is quite a different breed when it comes to 3-wheeled motorcycles.

The first shaft driven motorcycles were produced in 1901 by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) out of Belgium, soon followed by BMW in 1923. But, George Brough upped the ante quite a bit by using a modified Austin automobile engine and connecting the drive shaft to a final drive gearbox placed between two close coupled rear wheels.

Check out the old poster, advertising the Straight Four (S4). And what about that price tag of £188. That would equal Can $314, but of course by the standards of 1932 it would be the equivalent of £12,745 or Can $22000 approx.

Now, having a three wheeled motorcycle in the form of a trike, or a reversed version like that in the Spyder and Slingshot, is one thing but when I see this bike and the close fit of the rear two wheels it makes a guy wonder how that would affect the handling of the bike. Maybe less of a factor on the version with a side car but how about the straight up version and its' cornering abilities?

Regardless of the above conversation, Brough sure did make some interesting bikes and they're one of the best looking motorcycles in that vintage style, in my opinion.  

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Fall Events

The end of August is nigh upon us and though Summer doesn't officially end until September 22nd, the imminence of a new school year and the back to work attitude that comes with it sure makes it feel like "vacation mode" is over.

But, the end of summer doesn't mean that life stops and there are certainly plenty of events going on that will be of interest and keep a person busy.In conjunction with the previous posts of Alberta events,  "Speaking Of Events, Here's A  Few In July" and "August Events", check out these Fall flavoured Alberta festivities.

How about a blend of art, science, engineering and technology, rolled together and called "Beakerhead"? This annual event takes place in Calgary on September 19th through 23rd and has tons of free events, installations and exhibits in which to attend in the  city's core.

photo courtesy of Beakerhead

Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon! Head down to High River during the days of September 26th to 29th and catch the 2018 Heritage Inn Balloon Festival, where pilots from around the world compete for points earned through their navigational skills. Especially exhilarating is the "Glow Event", 8:00 on Friday Sept 28th, where pilots flame up their balloons like giant light bulbs.

photo courtesy of Heritage Inn Balloon Festival

Maybe you're less interested being outdoors and more interested in what people wear, so what about Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton, from September 26th to 29th. Various showcases of designers and those associated through fashion and beauty products, art and design, plus those in the media and production community.

photo courtesy of WCFW

Get back outdoors and do a nice hike! Depending on the weather, it can be mid to late September and early October when the rich golden yellow colour appears in Larch Valley, as the unusual Alpine Larch gets set to lose its' needles. But, be aware, this is an extremely popular hike at this time of year and pandemonium ensues, as there is one road in and out, and a very small parking lot at the Moraine Lake area where the trailhead begins. Plus, it is bear country and frequent sigthings mean hikers are required to be in groups of 6, so bring some friends or be prepared to hang out until you can get a group of fellow outdoor enthusiasts together.

photo courtesy of Town of Banff 

Not only is there a Jasper Dark Sky Preserve, designed to eliminate light pollution under the guidance of the Royal Astonomical Society, but  they also have a special celebration of the darkness when they host the Jasper Dark Sky Festival  on Oct 12th - 21st. There's talks, with guest speakers ranging from astronauts to astrophysicists, and some music to hep you star gaze. best bring some wool socks and a warm blanket to keep you snugly as you lounge in your reclining lawn chair!

If you can't make it all the way up to the dark of Jasper, there's plenty going on at the Banff Mountain Film And Book Festival . This event has everything from photography workshops to arts and craft sales, plus plenty of  book programs and storytelling during the week of Oct 27 - Nov 4.

photo courtesy of The Banf Book and Film Festival

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Anxiety Bunny

Dutch artist Pieter Janssen, who is better known as Piet Parra or sometimes just Parra, and is a multi-faceted artist to say the least.

Be it sculpture, graphic art, murals or clothing and shoes, Parra has made his mark and is quite recognizable, even if you don't actually know the name.

Parra mural in Amsterdam

Parra mural in L.A.
Not So Happy Bird

Vaso Di Culo ( Jar Of Ass)

Take A Rest

How I discovered Parra was through a permanent installation at Flevopark in Amsterdam, during the Appelsap Fresh Music Festival. It's a reworked version of his Anxiety sculpture that was originally created for the Juxtapoz x Superflat exhibition, as pictured below.
Anxiety Bunny in Flevopark