Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bad Place To Get A Flat

Just went on a road trip down into the southern part of the province, on a chilly morning after some snow the day before. The roads were in decent "winter driving" condition and the idea was to check out some secondary highways and potential motorcycle routes and places of interest along the way to a couple of dealership calls. Generally, the prairie parts of Alberta are pretty straightforward and it's relaxing to get into the wide open spaces and the small towns that you roll into along the way. There always seems to be less traffic and, though the roads are usually straight and flat, there were some nice variations along the way in and out of the Little Bow Recreation Area and the Travers Reservoir.
Winding my way east and south I took a shortcut across a long stretch of gravel road to get to another highway that needed to be travelled and right smack dab in the middle of nowhere, I got a flat! With a good spare and warm clothes and gloves, it was no big deal other than it was a bit mucky and cold, but it does go to show that one needs to always be prepared when on the road. Other than wishing for  my Carhartt coveralls, it went well enough and driving through Vauxhall, the flat tire gave me a chance to stop in and get it fixed at the local tire shop and talk to some folks to see what goes on in that part of the province.

It looked like this in both directions, so I was on my own, that's for sure!

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